Each one of our decking solutions is individually
designed and installed to create an amazing
personalised outdoor living space.

A Vinyl Solutions deck can be as individual as you are. Choose from a range of build styles, colour combinations and styles of decking boards, balustrades, rails and accessories. With these options, you can create an outdoor living space truly personal to you.

Firstly, choose between our two different styles of decking structure; Classic or Contemporary, depending on what you think would suit your caravan, lodge or holiday home.

Also, our decking board options and balustrade colours and styles allow you to pick a style and colour that you love. There are a wide range of board and balustrade options and finishes available.

Finally, add the finishing touches to your deck with a selection lighting and other accessories. Accessories include security gates, access ramps, skirting and more.

Classic or Contemporary

We offer two distinct decking styles of build to suit your caravan, lodge, park or holiday home.

Classic Style

With a more traditional feel, this popular style has the balustrades and rails sitting on top of the decking structure providing a highquality feel and finish.

Contemporary Style

For a premium, modern feel, the build and posts sit seamlessly alongside the decking structure, full length from ground to rail. This design ensures all the fixings are hidden.

Decking Board Options and Colours

Create your own layout then choose from a range of styles and colours. Our decking boards
come in two unique ranges, Chiltern Eco and Chiltern. See below for colour options:

Chiltern Eco Decking Board



Chiltern Eco Painswick Grey

Painswick Grey

Chiltern eco - latte


Chiltern Decking Board

Slate Grey



Olive Green

HD Composite Decking

We’re delighted to introduce our new range of composite decking
boards, HD Deck® Dual and HD Deck® XS. They are slip resistant,
stain resistant, durable and sustainable. They also look as
good as natural wood and won’t splinter!

This eco-friendly composite decking board uses the latest technology to create beautiful decking that not only has the natural look and feel of timber, it has the added strength and durability of plastic.

By combining FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber and recycled HDPE plastic, the HD Deck® Dual and HD Deck® XS composite decking boards create an elegant solution to problems associated with traditional timber products, such as rot, colour fading and slippery surfaces.

3,000 plastic bottle caps are recycled per square metre of decking

280 plastic milk bottles are recycled per square metre of decking

Only FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber is used

HD Deck® Dual

HD Deck® Dual’s decking boards have an unrivalled likeness to timber, setting it apart from other composite decking.

The natural wood grain not only looks and feels great, it also offers maximum performance against stains. Encompassing an innovative ‘capped’ design, it has a coated layer offering increased protection against fading and the elements, for an extra-long life.

This is a dual-sided composite board offering a reversible two-colour option, providing the opportunity to lay a deck with contrasting colours to create a bespoke finish.

Side 1: Oak

Side 2: Walnut

HD Deck® Dual Board 1

Side 1: Antique

Side 2: Carbon

HD Deck® Dual Board 2

HD Deck® Dual Composite profile

HD Deck® XS

It’s good to know that HD Deck® XS composite decking board won’t splinter, because of its superior composite ingredients. This extra strong performance decking board is not only low maintenance and slip resistant, it’s durable and sustainable. HD Deck® XS comes in 4 different colours, so you’ll have plenty to choose from when designing the deck to complement your caravan, holiday home or lodge.

Side 1 Lava

Side 2 Lava

HD Deck® XS Lava

Side 1 Light Oak

Side 2 Light Oak

HD Deck® XS Light Oak

Side 1 Silver

Side 2 Silver

HD Deck® XS Silver

Side 1 Walnut

Side 2 Walnut

HD Deck® XS Walnut

Complete the look of your deck

With a range of balustrade colours and styles available, along with lighting and other accessories
you can customise your deck to meet your requirements.

Balustrade and Glass Options

Choose from a range of balustrade styles, glass options and panels to complete the look of your deck whilst also maximising the view from your deck.

Decking Lighting and Accessories

You can add the finishing touches to your decking with optional accessories and decking lighting, to make it truly personal to you.

Need help with designing your ideal outdoor space?

We have a team of decking specialists across the UK who are happy to discuss your options and give design advice. Call us to arrange an appointment on 01202 650 700 or select your local area and regional contact for a no-obligation site survey, planning service and estimate.